10:30 AM

How To Get More Business Through Your Use Of LinkedIn

by Ian Preston

LinkedIn is the most under-utilised marketing tool in the business world! Listen to Ian to learn how to build your perfect profile, cultivate the right network of contacts, create & develop better opportunities, generate more leads, get a better return on your marketing and how to avoid cold calling and get straight to your ideal decision maker within minutes. Come and listen to Ian’s introduction to LinkedIn and learn how to ‘USE’ LinkedIn as opposed to just being ‘ON’ it!

10:30 AM

Networking Session

by Tracy Heatley

Join our open networking session for some high paced introductions. Don't forget to bring a pile of business cards and a slick 60 second elevator pitch. Tell everyone about your business, what you do, what you offer but also what you're looking for. Remember, the more detailed your request is the more likely you'll get some valuable introductions in your networking quest !

11:30 AM

Networking doesn’t work

by Stefan Thomas

Why networking doesn't work. Most people make one simple mistake when they go to networking events, or network online. Those people often decide that "networking doesn't work" for them or their business, when changing their approach, just slightly, would have an immediate and massive impact.

Stefan has attended over 1000 networking events, written two books on business networking, and advises businesses of all sizes how they can network more effectively. Find out why networking doesn't work, and how it could, in 20 minutes with Stefan.

11:30 AM

Video Marketing for the Social Media landscape

by Rob Hallam

More than ever the use of social media in business gives us superb opportunities to reach new customers. However, with so many platforms now available, we need to be able to cut through the marketing and social media 'fog' to reach the right audience. Compelling video is a great way to do this but it's not a one size fits all approach. In my presentation, I will give the audience an insight into how to get the best results from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn and how best to use YouTube and Vimeo to host your content and get it noticed. This is relevant no matter what size of business you operate.

12:30 PM

Soft Skills Training For Hardcore Results

by Susannah Couper

When assessing your sales results, it is very common that sales managers and sales professionals come up with the wrong diagnosis. An Incorrect diagnosis results in prescribing the wrong solution. When you assess the bad sales results in your business, it is extremely common to think it is due to a lack of sales skills. The missing piece if the success puzzle is a very simple one. No matter what your business does, the common denominator is that you employ human beings. Soft skills Training teaches your humans key crucial things such as stress tolerance, emotion management, accountability and professional integrity. In this short session you will walk away with total clarity on the WHAT? WHY? AND HOW? Of emotional intelligence and most especially how it impacts directly on your sales results.

12:30 PM

Networking Session

Our second networking session of the day provides you with another chance to bump in to old acquaintances, make new contacts and seek out some new opportunities for your pipeline. Bring along your business cards, make sure you have a smile and a punchy description of what you're offering and looking for and make sure you follow up with everyone you meet !

01:30 PM

How to generate word of mouth in the digital age

by Chris Kent

The holy grail of marketing is word of mouth – but how exactly do you generate word of mouth for your business offline, online and via social media? Many small business owners are so overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the modern marketing landscape they often don’t know where to start! Taken from his recent book “21st Century Marketing: What it is, Why it matters and How to do it” Chris will reveal the three biggest challenges most business owners face when trying to generate word of mouth for their business and the steps you can take to overcome them.

01:30 PM

Double Header: Build a Social Media Strategy that works / The importance of SEO

by Michael Crusham Rachael Kaye Connelly

5% of business owners don’t understand how social media works, Rachael will show how it can help them. During the speech Rachael will advise of the importance of high quality postings, finding new targeted followers, business page creation, the benefits of campaign management and reputation management. Rachael will summarise by helping a couple of the audience members by create a social media plan that in time will work and delivers results for them.

Learning how to improve your site's SEO can significantly improve your business' prominence in Googles search results, both national and local. During the speech Michael will advise of the importance of choosing the right URL, creating the right titles for each page, writing good quality content, making better use of your images and the benefits of using an agency. Michael will summarise by helping a couple of the audience members by answering there questions on what they can do themselves to boost their search presence and a few pitfalls to avoid.

02:30 PM

History making for Entrepreneurs

by Mike Stevenson

How do keep our businesses pulsing over the next 15 years – a period widely predicted to witness the biggest change since humanity began? Mike will talk of today as the most exciting time in human history if you are an entrepreneur. From virtual reality experiences to social enterprises the landscape is changing and its changing at a furious pace. While that may strike fear into some people, the entrepreneur smells opportunity.

Mike will prove that there are more spaces to fill than ever before – citing opportunities we might miss as we focus on the day-to-day running of our business. He will bid farewell to the old industrial revolution which has for many years failed us and welcome a new dawn of opportunity. So what is changing and how can we tap into new ideas and new ways to do business? He will talk of how risk takers will thrive while the wider community benefits. He will inspire us to keep our heads-up amid the turmoil - drawing on his personal experience of sleeping on the streets and learning to reinvent himself in the face of adversity. With lots of funnies and inspirational stories in the mix, this is a must hear presentation from a Scottish speaking powerhouse.