10:30 AM

Networking Session 1

by Tracy Heatley

Tracy HeatlyJoin in this first free networking session of the day and connect with other delegates and exhibitors. Bring a pocket full of business cards and you'll get 60 seconds to tell everyone who you are, what you do and more importantly what you are looking for. Don't miss a golden opportunity to make new connections on the day.

11:30 AM

Kick mediocrity in the nuts !

by Geoff Nicholson

Geoff Nicholson

Would you like to increase your performance, get more done in less time, just imagine the massive benefits you and your business would gain.  Geoff Nicholson is an internationally acclaimed coach, trainer and speaker specialising in Personal Resilience and Mindset, he works with entrepreneurs and holistic business owners from across the globe supporting them to maintain high levels of productivity and developing a winning mindset while getting the most out of life at the same time. During this eye opening presentation Geoff will share his insights and experiences for you to achieve your true potential. He will share effective strategies that can be quickly implemented and deliver results rapidly as well, resulting in an increase of performance, resilience and productivity within your business.  Geoff has used these strategies with CEO, professional athletes, and many other individuals who demand high standards from themselves.

11:30 AM

Google and Facebook. Guide your clients through their digital journey to conversion

by Christopher Rooney

Chris RooneyLooking to show businesses that they have to embrace digital fully and can do simply. That both google and Facebook now dominate the ad market, as this is where their potential clients spend their time, and by putting in a strategy and plan in place you can captures these clients. I will show that consumer behaviours have changed, also how consumer find and interact with a business has changed, and what the biz owner can do to reign those customers in and convert to sales /leads / calls etc. All the tools to success are out there and are free and with a little time they can showcase their services, capture user data and then help clients through the consideration phase to purchase.

12:30 PM

Networking Session 2

by Tracy Heatley

Join our second open networking session for some high paced introductions. Don't forget to bring a pile of business cards and a slick 60 second elevator pitch. Tell everyone about your business, what you do, what you offer but also what you're looking for. Remember, the more detailed your request is the more likely you'll get some valuable introductions in your networking quest !

12:30 PM

How to build a social media strategy that works for your business

by Rachael Kaye Connolly Michael Crusham

Rachael Kaye ConnellyMichael CrushamDuring the speech Rachael will cover the following topics: Summary of each platform, Deciding which social media platform(s) to use, Pitfalls to avoid, Optimising your social media profiles, Humanising your brand, Connecting your content, Find and follow the influencers in your niche, Engaging your audience, Reputation Management and Time management

01:30 PM

Video Marketing for the Social Media landscape

by Rob Hallam

More than ever the use of social media in business gives us superb opportunities to reach new customers. However, with so many platforms now available, we need to be able to cut through the marketing and social media 'fog' to reach the right audience. Compelling video is a great way to do this but it's not a one size fits all approach. In my presentation, I will give the audience an insight into how to get the best results from the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn and how best to use YouTube and Vimeo to host your content and get it noticed. This is relevant no matter what size of business you operate.

01:30 PM

Smells like team spirit – How to make your business OARSOME!

by Jen Hinds

Jen HindsIf you're in business, you're part of a team. Whether you're a solopreneur or the manager of a large company, you form part of a team with your customers, suppliers, networking colleagues and even your competitors. Everything you do in business will be more successful when you understand and implement a few simple but highly effective team strategies. Literally everything. Your marketing. Your networking. Your negotiating. Your recruitment. Jen brings 25 years of marketing and communication experience as well as 16 years of running her own businesses, 5 years of being responsible for over 50 team members of the UK's fastest growing joined up networking organisation (4Networking) and 3 years of being addicted to the ultimate team sport of rowing to this fast paced and energetic talk. Packed full of tips which will leave you smelling of team spirit and enjoying the sweet smell of success.

02:30 PM

How To Get More Business Through Your Use Of LinkedIn

by Ian Preston

LinkedIn is the most under-utilised marketing tool in the business world! Listen to Ian to learn how to build your perfect profile, cultivate the right network of contacts, create & develop better opportunities, generate more leads, get a better return on your marketing and how to avoid cold calling and get straight to your ideal decision maker within minutes. Come and listen to Ian’s introduction to LinkedIn and learn how to ‘USE’ LinkedIn as opposed to just being ‘ON’ it!